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Layout | (3) The Best Thing



>> Stylesheet (B)(P)(G)
>> Please credit
>> style: S2; Flexible Squares.
>> tested: Firefox, Safari, Opera
>> accounts: Paid + free
>> Comments are ♥

& If your link is to another livejournal then the hover will be a house if it goes to an outside link then you will get the tag icon.

& Images are hosted on imageshack so they should be fine but if you wanna be safe then I would save them.

HOW TO: 1. Go to journal -> Journal Style
2. Search for the theme that the layout is made for.
3. Choose apply theme, and when prompted that the theme has been changed click okay.
4. Scroll to bottom of the page, and click Customised Selected Theme.
5. On the sidebar on the left choose the CSS tab.
6. For Use layout's stylesheet(s) choose no.
7. Copy and paste CSS into the Custom Stylesheet box and then click Save Changes.

Tags: !layouts, layouts: flexible squares
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